Get and share as much knowledge as you can #JoelKallmanDay

Get and share as much knowledge as you can #JoelKallmanDay

Share your knowledge.

If someone had told me in 2020 that I would be a speaker at worldwide conferences, I would have told him: “You must be crazy”.

But it happened - I’ve been successfully speaking in various countries (and continents) since 2021 - it’s been about 10 speeches until today.

Some doubts you may have - but shouldn't :)

If you are still considering sending your abstract for a conference, you may have some doubts about your presentation (like I had). Let me help you:

  • People don’t attend your session to judge you or point out failures during your presentation - we are there to get as much knowledge as possible. You are the Professor, and we are students :)

  • If you make a mistake during your session or demo won’t work for a while - nobody will laugh (until you tell a joke :) ). Someone will probably tell you about the error after your speech - privately.

  • Everybody makes mistakes - even those presenting for 10 years or more.

  • People will ask you questions (during or after) - don’t worry If you don’t have an answer right now. Nobody knows everything.

If you have never been to a conference - choose one and go as an attendee first - observe and learn. Those speakers probably had similar doubts a while ago.

You can also ask for help from MASH Program mentors (it’s free!) - those people will be happy to guide you through various phases of your presentation.

OK, I suppose that you have already started thinking about your next conference at this line of my article (check where you can send your abstract at Clocwise).

Not yet?

Let me try again :)

It's not only about presentations and knowledge.

It’s also:

  • Great people you will meet ( I’ve met so many fantastic people from every part of the world)

  • Party :)

  • Travel - I would have never been to so many places, if not a conference.

Ahh, one more thing.

Get knowledge (and certification).

Humans have to learn all the time.

In the IT world, you can not stay behind. There are always so many new things.

Some places I recommend for getting knowledge:

Oracle University

  • Choose your favourite course and learn.

  • Try to pass the exam and get certified. Even if you fail to pass, you will still learn many great things.

Oracle Live Labs

  • Access to Oracle's tools and technologies to run a wide variety of labs and workshops

Oracle DEV GYM

  • Workouts, quizzes and entire classes about SQL, PL/SQL or database design


Attend. Learn from the best. Share your knowledge. Meet people.

As a bonus, here are some photos from conferences I attended.

HrOUG (Croatia) 2021

Kscope 2022 (Texas) - photo from NY

Kscope 2023 (Colorado, USA)