Highlights from APEX Alpe Adria 2024

Highlights from APEX Alpe Adria 2024

Maribor, Slovenia, welcomed IT professionals from near and far on April 12, 2024, for an enriching conference experience. Nestled in the heart of this picturesque city, we were treated to insightful presentations and the charm of Maribor's captivating city centre.

Perfect place & food

The conference venue, situated centrally, provided a perfect backdrop for networking and learning, complemented by the culinary delights served by a Michelin-starred restaurant. Attendees indulged in exquisite dishes, savouring the flavours of Slovenia while exchanging ideas and forging connections.

Presentations I've attended

Against this backdrop of culinary excellence and urban beauty, attendees delved into various topics, navigating through the rich tapestry of presentations across three concurrent tracks.
Among the presentations I attended, the following sessions stood out, offering just a glimpse of the comprehensive program:

  1. Richard Martens introduced the audience to the new feature "Working Copies" in APEX version 23.2, setting the stage for future innovations in application development.

  2. Leon Stanko shared insights into Hybrid APEX inside Oracle Forms, discussing the challenges and opportunities of transitioning from Oracle Forms in his presentation, "Hard to Say Goodbye to Oracle Forms."

  3. Lino Schildenfeld highlighted the importance of automated testing in APEX applications, showcasing top tools and strategies in "APEX Automated Testing: The Power of Automation."

  4. Alex Nujiten explored the role of containers in developing standardized APEX applications for Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions in his presentation, "Cookie Cutter APEX Applications."

  5. Roel Hartman discussed the latest features in Oracle Database 23c and their implications for APEX developers in "Oracle Database 23c for APEX Developers."

Outstanding presentations by my colleagues from Pretius Low-Code

In addition to these sessions, my colleagues shared their expertise in parallel tracks:

  • Tomas Kucharzyk shed light on accessibility standards in APEX applications, emphasizing inclusivity in "Breaking Barriers: Accessibility in Oracle APEX."

  • Adam Kierzkowski navigated the complexities of APEX feature implementation, highlighting potential challenges in "Not So Fast, Cowboy!"

A special Thank You

A special thank you to all attendees who joined my presentation on "Revolution in Database Management: SQLcl Liquibase Success Story". I hope you enjoyed it!


Additionally, at the end of the intensive day of presentations, participants had the opportunity to attend an unforgettable networking event. With wonderful music and the atmosphere of the charming city of Maribor, we could continue exchanging ideas, building relationships, and drawing inspiration from the meeting's ambience.

See you soon!

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