SQLcl Liquibase - generate-schema enhanced. Capture only new changes since provided date.

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SQLcl Liquibase generate-schema command is excellent (read more here)

But what If I don't want to capture all my objects repeatedly?

I want to capture, e.g. every week, all the objects that have changed since the previous run.

So I'm missing something like:

"liquibase generate-schema changesSince 2023-07-01"

Hopefully, Oracle will add this feature soon.

But meanwhile, I created a workaround SQL script for that.


  • It takes objects that changed in the last few days

  • Then dbms_output a script for SQLcl Liquibase.

  • You should create a temp folder, e.g. changesSince, go there, log into SQLcl and execute received dbms_output

  • It executes "liquibase generate-object --object-type TYPE --object-name NAME" as many times as many objects change (this command generates only one object per one execution, instead of all objects)

  • If there are new objects, remember to add new lines to controller.xml - you can use ChatGPT to help you with that :)

Feel free to use it or make it better. But don't just copy/paste and run. Try to understand this script, as you are using it at your own risk :)